Failure creates Masterpieces

Everyone cannot score a perfect number in life, some are too smart the others are average and remaining few are failures. Each one has their own specialization, if one is good in art and designing, the other is good at business.

What is the true meaning of failure?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A person who has experienced the worst downfall and has assembled themselves back to reach the skies.

We have seen and heard of many people who come under this slogan “Re-rise and Shine” 

Let me name a few famous personalities who met failures before their success

Albert Einstein
Steve Jobs
Marilyn Monroe
Oprah Winfrey

These all people had one common thing, that’s failure. However they didn’t let this rule their lives; they took failure as a challenge and moved towards success.

It’s simple to understand, failure can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time in any field be it male or female with no definite age.

Did you’ll ever realize, the first step we take begins with failure. Yes friends, as toddlers when we initially learn to stand and walk, how many times we fall. We try again and again and then become successful. If we had to give up as toddlers to learn to stand or walk, would we have been able to stand or walk today.

If then we didn’t give up, why do we give up during the later stages of our life.

At any point in life don’t let failure pull you back. Make failure your weapon and fight; you’ll certainly will see success.

With this post I would specially request the youth who face failure in exams or in any other things in life, don’t give up. Your path to success is not far. Never know you’ll might be the next Einstein’s or Jobs of this world.

Failure is the best way to experience success (as long as its not deliberate).

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