Adoption – A Blessing to a rejected Life

Many of us respect the word Adoption but how many of us really accept the act of adoption or an adopted child. 

I have high regard for people who adopt children. Adoption does not only mean bringing a child home, paying for a child’s upbringing in orphanages is also an act of adoption.

There are many women who are not able to conceive a baby, they’ll do all the possible treatment (which is good) but how many of these women think of considering adoption. Why do they feel having a fetus in their womb for nine months is the only way they can be a mother. Why don’t they think that adopting a child will be an experience of lifetime motherhood comparatively to just nine months?

Again why only women who are not able to conceive should think of such a step, those that are able to give birth to a child, have they anytime even thought that their next child can be adopted. By doing so they will not only set an example to the negative thoughts of adoptions. They will also be bestowing love, family and education to that innocent child. 

Even if these women agree to give a mother’s love to an abandoned child will their husband’s agree to this decision, will their parents and society accept the child. Difficult to say.

Adoption is neither a sin nor a crime.

What is the mistake of the child if the one who gave him or her birth has rejected them for life?

Why should the child bear the culpability of being without a mother when he or she has not done any mistake?

Child be it your own or adopted deserves a decent life, acceptance must be given to both and they should be equally loved. 

The day everyone thinks adoption is a blessing that day no child will be homeless or motherless. 

As an author I do not intend to hurt any women’s feeling with this post, my only wish is a mother gets a child and a child gets a family forever.

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