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An idle mind gives wings to your hobbies and new ideas

Hobbies, new ideas it’s an interesting topic right. Probably in school we use to do things that were of our interest and then during the later stages of our life we completely gave up on all our hobbies. Today’s topic is to not give up on your hobbies and new ideas; however did you’ll realize, the slogan seems changed, it is supposed to read as – An idle mind is devil’s workshop. I just struck-through the latter end and added my version. 

We humans are a very unique creation and our brain is the most powerful weapon (depending on how we make use of it). It solely depends on us if we make use of our brain to do something good or to just keep on doing what we are trained to do.

Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

This powerful weapon – the brain seems very busy nowadays either studying or working or thinking. With great difficulty we get time to be idle, probably at night when we are sleeping but No, wait! There also dreams keep us busy.

So what do we do – squeeze in some idle time. OH NO! Don’t leave what you are doing and be idle, that’s not what I meant. Just try making a little time to do nothing. 

I know it’s very busy out there, trust me your work will never stop even if you do.

Back to being idle once you are able to get this part of your life, you will know your ability. People come up with different ideas some get interested in art and craft and create awesome pieces others get into dance and music and some into technology. But that’s your hobby. Exactly my point grow your interest, your ideas and find the real you. 

Everyone can sit in front of the computer and do a 9 to 5 job. Try doing something else with your powerful weapon – the brain. 

A growing child can teach us a lot of things which we have never been aware of, it is said leave a child idle for some time and see what they can do, you’ll be surprised to know they’ll end up doing something we never taught them. 

Similarly with adults we are capable of doing bigger things, our hardware in the brain takes time to process but in a few days you’ll be doing something very new (my personal experience on this). 

So friends make time for yourself, dream big and reach your goals and never say NO to your creativity.  You may set examples for people who never thought they had the ability to do something more than an office job.

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