The High-Profile Mobile (story)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful mobile launched as a New Year edition. It was all dashing and dazzling. It had a cool head, a smooth screen with super smart touch technology, an internal storage of 64 GB and a textured plastic back cover.

This mobile was all set waiting to get into the hands of its new owner. A few days passed and finally the wait was over, the mobile was soon going to meet its new owner. All excited, it waited with great anticipation to meet its owner.

After being unwrapped and box opened, there it sees the owner. The owner at once holds the mobile in his hands and inserts his sim-card in the slot and turns it on using the power button (imagine the excitement we all have when we get a new mobile). Now the mobile was soon going to have a home with many new people to meet. On reaching home the mobile was connected to its charging point getting ready for more excitement. Once it was fully charged, the mobile waited patiently for the owner, as he updated its version and installed all the required applications.

It was night time and the mobile was so happy with the way its owner just kept it by his side, watching it all the time. Finally, the mobile went on a silent mode and was off to take some rest. Next morning when the mobile woke up it found itself surrounded with such an awful smell and echoing like sound, guess what view it gets. The owner was busy surfing through the internet while doing his business on the throne (toilet). All of a sudden the owner placed it on the floor which was unhygienic and damp (EEW). The mobile now was disgusted with its surrounding and to add to its sorrow, he picks it up with his wet hands.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

This scene had passed by, however the mobile didn’t give up, it somehow waited, thinking may be the rest of the day there will be something more exciting. While the mobile was thinking this, a few bread crumbs fell on the screen and someone happened to call, at the same time, the owner swiped the answer icon and guess what, the butter from the finger also got added on the screen.

What more was awaiting wondered the mobile! Finally the mobile got with its owner out of the house, where it took some fresh air. The owner placed the mobile on his car gear console and started surfing through it while driving. All of a sudden he forced a brake; the mobile bumped its head. When they reached the office, the mobile was astonished on seeing the desk, rotating chair, laptop and things that it had never seen before. Meanwhile the office boy comes in with a cup of hot coffee and when handing the cup over he spills a few drops on the screen, which he wipes off immediately and keeps the mobile back in its place.

Few months passed by and the mobile kept facing the same scenes on and off regularly. By now the mobile got used to this routine. Awful smell, unhygienic surroundings, water, butter and other food particles on the screen.

It was almost a year when the mobile was on the gear console with its owner in the car. He happened to be in a hurry to reach somewhere when all of a sudden he took a turn and the mobile was thrown to one corner of the car accompanied by dust. The mobile had no option other than waiting for its owner to pick it up.

After sometime they reached the hospital, hurrying up towards the ward, to their excitement the owner’s wife had delivered a baby. The mobile’s camera was used a lot to click pictures of the cute little baby with chubby pink cheeks and tiny eyes.

Everyone seemed excited, the mobile’s camera was kept continuously ON, due to which it got heated up and finally started hanging. There was no other option for the owner other than rebooting the mobile.

Few months later, when the baby was crying bitterly, the owner handed over his mobile to the baby for some time to keep her quiet. She was watching a cartoon video on the mobile and thereafter she started nibbling on the edges and soon the mobile was covered with drool, he took the mobile from the baby’s hand and wiped it clean.

A few days later he woke up in a hurry to reach work, he rushed with his daily routine and headed to the office, while getting down the stairs he missed a step and the mobile fell to the ground hitting itself hard. Irritated enough he picked the mobile and there was a crack on the screen. The mobile was hurt and felt miserable, however it gathered strength from this fact thinking that its owner cared for it so much, no matter what happened the owner always held the mobile close to him.

It had been a week since this incident happened. The mobile was unlike before it had a crack on the screen and its back cover had all scratches, it was slow and used to hang very often, the memory storage was also falling short. In spite of all this, the mobile tried to give its owner the best possible performance only because the owner loved it so much.

On the same day, in the evening, when the baby was sitting in the bath tub and crying, the owner came in and placed the mobile in front of the baby. All happy the baby reached for the mobile and tries to snatch it. Splash! the mobile falls down inside the bath tub. Drowned and having no idea how to swim the mobile auto shuts down its functions. Immediately the owner removes the mobile from the water and pats it dry and places it in a container filled with rice. Next morning when the owner removes the mobile from the rice container and tries to start it with full hope, the mobile does not start. The owner thought may be the battery was low so he placed it for charging and even to the charger the mobile had not responded.

As it was morning time and the owner was heading to the office, he took the mobile to the repair workshop. After all possible tests and diagnoses (trying to make it sound funny with medical terms), the owner was informed that the mother board of the mobile had severely crashed and that to repair it would cost the same as to buy a new mobile (what do you think the owner did?). Sure enough not taking a minute to think the owner removes his sim card from the slot and purchases a new mobile. He dumps the old mobile in the trash that was nearby.

The old mobile was now lying dead in the dark covered with junk and as for the owner he was happy with his new mobile and the story repeats itself all over again with different incidents and mishappenings.

The characters in this story are fictitious; however, they match the everyday incidents and happenings of our life.


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