The High-Profile Mobile (conclusion)

This post is in continuation to the previous, for those that have not yet enjoyed laughing on the story; I am attaching the link below.


From the story what are the things we can connect with our lives. I guess almost everything. We might not be the same as the owner from the story; however the way we give importance to our mobile phone is the same or may be even more.

Does our mobile require so much attention?

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

I agree that we learn a lot of things; however, mobile doesn’t need to overtake each and every part of our life.

Time and again we read about how we should make use of the mobile, its advantages and disadvantages.

Do these posts that try to educate us on the good and bad usage of the mobile does really matter to us.

I’ll just bring forth simple instances from the story on the previous blog, which will help us relate our day to day life with mobiles.

The very first incident is the owner taking the mobile and sleeping. 

Not really advisable, it is said that the phone must be 3 feet away from your bed, WHY? Full day our body is exposed to radio frequency energy, at night we must give our bodies time to heal from this.

Our next incident, why do we require mobile assistance in the toilet?  

I have no idea how many of you’ll are in favor of taking your mobiles with you’ll to the toilet. You’ll be just making germs your best friends. Germs from the toilet stick on your phone and then get transferred on your hands from there on food and also on the children. We don’t sanitize the mobile like our hands then let’s be a little considerate and hygienic about our health.

The next scene we notice is surfing while driving. We all are aware that this is not safe. You’ll be getting in danger as well as putting others equally in danger. If it’s important to answer your calls then get your cars fixed with handsfree Bluetooth connecting devices these are reasonably priced and will ensure safety of everyone. 

As much as we love our babies let’s take into consideration the amount of radio frequency our mobile releases, we keep clicking their pictures and also continuously let them be on mobile or tablets or laptops so that they are busy and don’t disturb us.

I’m not saying don’t give them devices however you’ll can time them so that they will get enough watch time as well as other physical activities. 

Another instance, usage of a mobile while walking up and down the stairs or crossing the road. Wake up people, be logical. Look around you; stop being the cause of any incident or accident.

At last the most important, family time. Nowadays it’s become a fashion, on the dining table, everyone is busy on the mobile while eating food. The television is ON and we are again busy on the mobile. Someone is talking to us and once again we are busy on the mobile. 

Time yourself, trust me these moments, family time will not remain with you’ll forever. Share as much time possible with each other so that you’ll don’t get a chance to be guilty in future saying wish I was there for my family when they were alive.

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

I have given very simple examples on the usage of mobiles and their limits.

I call people mobile-bots, generally those glued to the mobile be it day or night, where mobile has taken over the human mind.

Know the value and limit your mobile usage before it’s too late.

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