Visit our place and glamour your face (story)

It was the weekend and Ruth decided to go for grocery shopping. As her husband was busy watching the match she thought she’ll enjoy her time alone.

Upon reaching the supermarket to take the shopping trolley, a passer happened to hand over a leaflet to her. Not really bother she dumped her handbag and the leaflet in the trolley and moved toward the shelves which had pastas.

When she happened to place the pasta packets in the trolley, she took a glance of the leaflet which read “visit our place and glamour your face”. She started wondering has her beauty faded, that a passer in particular handed her the salon leaflet. With all mixed feelings, she carried on with her shopping thinking should she visit the salon, it might get her beauty back.

After Ruth was done shopping she reached home, where her husband greeted her warmly saying “welcome my darling, hope you missed me while shopping” to which she grumbled “yeah, off-course.” Not knowing what was running through the wife’s mind Henry thought she was upset as he couldn’t tag along with her while shopping. To get her calmed, he sweetly asked “can we step out for dinner tomorrow.” Ruth, more concerned about her looks said I have an important meeting tomorrow and goes to take a nap.

Poor Henry, thinking how to convince his wife is trying all possible stunts. In sometime, Ruth wakes up and sees dinner is ready and the table well decorated. Happy with her husband’s efforts she avoids thinking about the supermarket incident and decides to enjoy her dinner.

Next morning she leaves the house in a rush to reach to this place mentioned on the leaflet. Upon reaching there she met the receptionist and said she needed a makeover from head to toe. 

For the salon, she seemed not less than a gold mine. Then started all the sessions manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial, eyebrows, upper lip, haircut and then hair color with treatment. Ruth was finally done, she looked stunning and for this she spent a good amount. 

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The day was all taken up at the salon, by the time she was home, it had passed afternoon. Upon entering the house, her husband was like, what happened to you. He did compliment her on the change. She then shared with him the incident that had happened at the supermarket. To which he had a hearty laugh and said the salon caught a big fish in the ocean. Ruth gave a frown and said you never ever thought of recommending me to visit a salon, you are simply jealous that a stranger thought my looks would change in one visit, to which Henry said for me you looked beautiful from the very first day that I met you. I was in love with the beauty of your soul and will forever be. Ruth blushed and said what about a movie outing tonight.

They both went to watch the night show for the latest movie on theaters. The day ended well felt Ruth as they finished the movie and were heading for dinner, when again a passer handed over a leaflet which read “visit our place and glamour your face”, both of them laughed and the husband said, tomorrow I shall personally accompany you to this place. 

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