A ship that never sinks

Photo by Zun Zun from Pexels

Anyone can write novels on the above title. It’s the most beautiful and at the same time, it’s the most annoying relationship in the whole world.

What does friendship mean to us?

Many will say a person whom we can trust and share everything with. For others, it’s someone who can, irritate us for infinity, without getting tired.

Friends are those whom you can stay far apart from for years but yet when they meet, it feels like they were never far away from you. Conversations with friends can never end; there always will be something to talk about.

You and your friends collect so many moments together that might never come back but you will cherish them for the rest of your life. Be it happiness or sadness you’ll both are in it together. 

Friends are categorized as best friends or just casual hi/bye types.

Your deepest secret you can’t share with anyone the way you share it with your best friend. The blast of emotions you get when talking to your best friend wouldn’t be the same when you talk to someone else.

Casual friends are those you meet once in a while have fun, laugh together with and then back to your routine life. 

When you are in a tough situation is the time when you will know who is your true friend. Those who excuse themselves are not your friends and those that stand by your side are your true friends. 

The process of friendship begins from your school right till the end of your life. You can never regret this phenomenon of life. Some friends we meet in our life help us walk through situations with their support and others teach us a valuable lesson. 

A friend will guide you, support your decisions and will hug you through your problems. Even if you’ll fight endlessly, yet you’ll get back to normal, like nothing ever happened. 

It’s strange; friends that are very close to each other are connected through telepathy. They just know what is running through your mind. It’s like you are thinking of them and they call you, you’re in a mess and they are there to shoulder you. 

Your real friend will never let you fall in life; their happiness is in your success. 

This is a true saying; a good friend will bail you out of jail on the other hand your best friend will be sitting right beside you in the jail saying “Damn! That was fun.”

This blog of mine is dedicated to all my friends, no matter, how I met you. Your presence in my life made it amazing. 

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