Importance Of Commenting

Comment, a very familiar word, we see everywhere. Ever noticed, that social media sites, my blogs and many other places have this comment box or form.

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

You visit a newly opened restaurant, after food; they hand you a feedback form. Some newly operating airlines give a comment card when you are on the flight and many other places have this kind of gesture. 

Did you all any time wonder why?

Not really, we fill the comment section or just ignore. However, ignorance on our part is not right; our comments are required for a reason. 

The simple reason social media sites have a comment section is, so that we can give our views about the post.

Similarly, restaurants that hand you a comment from is to know if their food is good, if you’ll didn’t enjoy the food there’s nothing wrong by giving a negative comment. Their step towards improvement is based on your comments. So be true, give them a good advice. 

Airlines need to know if they provided the best quality of service, that’s the reason they request you to fill the comment card.

By commenting you will be doing a favor to a person, your comment will make them happy. 

Even if your spouse or you siblings or your friends wear something nice, do let them know how they look. May be they will sometime cook for you something, it doesn’t take much effort to just tell them what they cooked was nice or telling them that next time they make the same dish it will taste better. 

A comment or suggestion from you makes a lot of difference. It makes the person feel thankful for the efforts they take for you. 

Imagine the feeling of someone who prepared something special for you and you don’t react, just have the food and you’re done (so blank). Exactly, the person does feel the same on the opposite side, when you just keep numb. 

So next time pass a comment be it good or bad. If the comments need to be negative encourage them to do better next time. 

Your comments/suggestions are valuable. 

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