A Tale of Greed

Long time ago, in a small village lived two brothers. They were the sons of a very famous sweet-shop owner that belong to the same village.

As the sons grew up, they got themselves involved in their fathers sweet shop business and soon they got married.

Few years passed by and the younger brother’s wife started poisoning her husband’s mind saying, “You are capable of handling the business by yourself and now staying with you’ll even I know how to prepare sweets,” if we both work together we’ll be able to make a lot of money for the future.

By sharing the business with your brother, we are not able to save any money as the profit gets divided. Why don’t you speak to your father and ask him to separate the shop or tell your brother to go and start another business of his own.

All charged listening to his wife the younger brother also thought of separation. Next day he went and spoke to the father and told him what was in his mind. The father brought up this matter in front the full family and said being your elder brother he never demanded for separation, if you think you are capable of handling the business by yourself, why don’t you go and start something of your own.

Angry, not expecting the father to give such a statement. The younger brother decides to leave the house with his wife.

With the intention of teaching a lesson to his father for making the wrong decision, he opens a shop opposite his father shop.

Initially, the business was low after a month slowly the business started increasing and people started liking the variety of sweets.

Feeling proud of himself and with the hope making more money than his competitors, he slowly started cheating on the quality of sweets. He started using very low quality products to make the sweet.

Now the taste of the sweets was going from bad to worse. The customers slowly started reducing, and the sweets from the shop were getting spoilt. Day by day the shop was going into loss and soon there was a time they had to close down the business.

Greed overtook all his happiness; he got separated from his father and brother and he lost his customers confidence and at last he had to close down the shop.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This story teaches us that greed cannot get us any better. We often fall into the hands of greed for earning more money by doing wrong or by cheating and taking over property. Even we get greed seeing our neighbors; we try to show off and get something bigger or better.

However, we don’t think how long will wealth, property or other possessions stand by our side. As time goes, we will have to fall on our knees for our greed.

We all want to be better, earn more and have more things but that does not mean we have to do it the wrong way or show off to people. Let’s be wise, work hard and earn the right way. In this way you will not be feeding your greed and at the same time your heart will not be burdened of doing anything wrong.

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