Talking to THINGS

This is hilarious, however my question to all of you’ll be this, have you’ll anytime had an incident where you are speaking to a non-living thing.

It’s weird and funny at the same time. How we actually speak to things. Let me bring forth some interesting instances.

When milk is boiling and it’s just going to pour out, what’s your order “Just hold on I’m going to turn the fire off”
Ever wondered what would the milk reply,
“Hey there stop ordering me, what you expect from me, at boiling point,” hahaha

Another one, you’re driving and all of a sudden the car breaks down, what you say to the car, now only you had to breakdown when I’m in a hurry.
What you think the car would reply,
Hey dude, next time when you start driving let me know if you are in a hurry or not, so I’ll know exactly when to break down.

Even when we carelessly walk and hit our leg by mistake to the stool, in anger we kick the stool.
Imagine if the stool was to reply, it would be.
Hey, before you walk, look around and walk. I’m not in your way; you are in mine.

Common incident, in the office when we get paper cut. We are like, ouch! You, nuisance paper.
So the paper might in return reply handle me with care.

Personally, if by mistake any Lego piece of my kid, comes under my foot. In anger, I throw that piece so hard to some corner of the house.
Imagine if that Lego piece was to reply at me.
Hey lady, your foot came on me, you should be thrown.

We don’t leave the weather alone as well, if rain does not come, we are like where is the rain and if on the other hand it starts pouring then we all are like why is it raining so much, keeping this in mind I guess nursery rhymes were made “rain rain go away, come again another day….”

So many funny things happen, we bang the TV remote saying work or we curse the computer/mobile if it hangs. Bang and shout at the stapler if the pins get stuck.

Oh wait! Not only cursing, there are moments we show love as well, to these non-living things.

Why do we talk to non-living things?
No, we are not dumb. However, I never got an answer, but I guess its human nature, we include everything in our life be it living or non-living.

Our brain fails to make out difference between living and non-living and we immediately react be it anger or happiness.

So next time you happen to have a conversation with the non-living thing, pause a moment have a hearty laugh at yourself and tell the non-living thing that you also are a part of my life.

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