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A wiggly tongue ruins your life

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju fotografie from Pixabay

Some year back in a very well known society lived a couple named Pradeep and Sanchi, who had 2 lovely daughters, Pihu and Shruti.

This couple was very much involved with all the society’s social activities. Sanchi being a house wife was attending the monthly ladies kitty parties.

Pradeep was an engineer and was always busy with his work. On the other hand, Sanchi kept herself busy with the ladies in the society. They had a maid in the house who was like an up to date newspaper of all the houses in the society.

Sanchi loved taking news from her maid. She never had time for her children. In spite of being highly qualified she never got herself involved with her children’s studies.

The children also never felt close to their mother they often spent time with each other or their friends.

Pranchi was a very active member of the kitty parties, always ensured to keep updated gossips ready. They would talk about who is doing what and often about how others children were doing nonsense and spoiling their life.

Years passed by and it was the same story every day. Pradeep was now promoted for his hard work. Sanchi still busy talking about everyone else and having no time for her children. Pihu and Shruti were now in college busy enjoying life.

As usual it was kitty party time and Sanchi was all set, this time the gossip was about their neighbor’s daughter whose proposal got rejected.

Sanchi kept on talking about the neighbor’s daughter and this was overheard by another person who happened to be an aunt of that girl. All upset with the incident and angry about what she heard, she said it’s easy to talk about others children to spoil their names, have you anytime spoken about your daughters. No, why? Because, you never made time for them. She added do you know what your daughters have been up to these days, No. Your daughters go late night partying and have drugs are you even aware of this.

That girl’s aunt also said, my niece will get a proposal sooner or later, what about your girls, no family will be ready to accept them.

Feeling insulted Sanchi left the place and went to her house and started inspecting her daughter’s room. To her surprise she found injections in the dustbin.

Disturbed she calls her husband and mentioned about the incident. Pradeep was early home and called his daughters to come home at the earliest possible.

When Pihu and Shruti returned home, Pradeep and Sanchi questioned them about what was going on and told them that henceforth they’ll not step out of the house.

Sanchi had stopped with all her kitty party activities and had also forgotten the meaning of gossip. Now her full focus was on her daughters, she wanted to get them settled as soon as possible, so that they will not go on the wrong path anymore. No matter how much she tried their proposals were not getting fixed.

Atlast what the lady said came true; no one was ready to accept her daughters in marriage.

This is the time Sanchi realized how much wrong she did. All the years she bothered about other’s life not knowing her life was getting ruined.

True as the title says a wiggly tongue ruins your life.

We often enjoy gossips, even if we aren’t sure about the talk, we can add our own sub titles and make the gossips more interesting.

We don’t see who we talk about; we never question ourselves if it’s right for me to pass a statement or not, on someone else.

Be it our friend or enemy, neighbors or colleagues or even the famous persons from the film industry. We can put hours together in discussing matters concerned with others life.

The media and social sites put up stories about film industry persons because they know that people like you and me are their sources of gaining popularity, to the stories they present, be it fake or true.

I never am able to understand what happiness we gain wiggling our tongues discussing matters about others life.

We have a family of our own, why can’t we look into our personal matters. Why don’t we realize that our gossip can ruin someone’s family or life?

Just for the reason that we have to discuss something let’s not make a joke out of someone’s life. There are many topics we can talk about, education, technology and many other such things.

Let’s make some good use of our tongue and not ruin anyone’s life.

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