Kids Party

Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

Many of us at some point of time do attend such parties.

We as parents get super excited watching our kid’s dance, participate in games and mingle with other kids.

Off late I had a chance to attend a few of such get-togethers; I had different views and opinions about each of the gathering.

During the Eid holidays I was wondering where to take my kid. She was insisting to visit the garden which I felt would be good for a walk, however the weather was really not favorable in spite of it being evening time, it was very humid and hot.

Next option was to go gaming at the mall. The best place for kids outing and to beat the heat. To our luck Mc Donald’s was hosting an Eid special get-together for kids. What could be better than this? They included all children not differentiating between nationalities.

This is excellent about such kind of parties.

So my kid was called in to the group for a dance, thereafter started the game time. This is the exact point where my mind starts getting pop ups saying what if my kid doesn’t win and get a gift, how will I convince her. On usual basis, my mom always reminds me to keep a small gift in my bag in case if my daughter loses, you got a backup.

Yeah Yeah, I know you’ll have a question at this point. Why don’t I explain to my kid that it’s okay to loose and that she will win the next time? I did do the same however a four year old does not really understand that easily and leaving that aside, which mother would want to see her child in tears.

So back to the Eid get-together, the kid’s game started and I had no backup plan this time and what happens, my daughter loses. With tears filled in her eyes, she looks at me and I was like don’t worry you will win in the next game. From there the host on the background says children don’t be disappointed you all with get a gift at the end of the party.

I took a deep breath and said Thank God. However, one good thing happened was a small boy who won a Mc Donald’s cap in the game, didn’t want it and his mother put that cap on my daughters head and I was like how kind of her, like my tension was over about the gift part. But wait, my daughter heard that background voice. Now what, we waited till the end.

Something that was not expected happened, the giveaway gift, at the end of the party was falling short compared to the number of kids and my daughter ended up not getting that. (I know that’s sad.) I was a little upset, however of such gatherings you never can decide how many kids would actually end up being there.

Anyways thanks to the cap, my daughter didn’t really cry as I expected her to.

Two weeks later there was another birthday party celebration; it was an invite for both the kid and their parents, which was kind. Again this time the same pop up question and in my thoughts, the puppy like face my daughter makes upon not winning.

The party started all well, fun time kids dance and entertainment.

Then came the tension part games for kids, yes my daughter did participate she remained till nearly the end of the game. How exciting. The question, did she win anything. Yes friends, not only she but all the kids who participated in the game got a small toy bag.

This was something generous of the party organizers to think about. They ensured a gift for everyone. To my surprise even when I participated in the adult game, there was a gift, with an adult it’s not much of an issue win or lose.

I rarely go for parties, however I feel it’s sad to have kids with tears in their eyes anticipating for a gift. Organizers can bring any toy (low priced) and include it in giveaways or as a part of the game, even if the kids don’t win, this will make them happy go lucky.

This is not really the trend, but it did seem nice and no child was sad upon being out from the game. My intention is not to pick any party organizers, on the other hand I would just want to include a note saying when it’s a party let everyone be happy.

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