The Annoying Honk

Those who drive on a daily basis actually know what this is about.

It’s so frustrating when you are actually waiting for a car to pass by in front of you and one stupid person sitting in the car that’s back of yours honks like crazy.

What do you all do, as concerned with me I just signal the person with my hand saying take off over me, somewhat like, fly go fly.

Seriously, like are these people blind do they not really understand that why are you waiting or they think we are on some picnic and will be parking our car in the middle of the road.

Another incident with some people is this; they will be busy surfing the mobile while driving. Now with such people the case is that they think they are doing a good job. So if they happen to move to another track by mistake because of their mobile surfing and you happen to honk, they in return will look at you as if you have done something wrong.

When will people realize the importance of that horn? They use it as if it’s some music button. Somewhat like a DJ on the road.

There are few dumb people driving who love overtaking you. I just give way to such idiots and enjoy laughing at them when they switch lanes in order to overtake you and they just happen to go one car ahead of you. The best part is your lane moves forward and the person, who enjoyed overtaking, is stuck back in the other lane.

Like my thought is, why people are in so much hurry, if you are getting late to a place then understand that you gotta leave early from home. Not that you come on the road and act as if you are playing a car racing game on PlayStation.

You drive and keep others safe.

How many people face incidents on the road, is because of rash driving and that annoying honking.

In our part of the country, it clearly says on the road give way; however people here take your way.

Be wise enough; know the value of the horn placed in the car. It’s not a PlayStation game or a DJ system.

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