Sandals that missed a Scandal

(I’m struck with a dropped jaw when I end up with such headers)

Image by Pavel Sternberg from Pixabay

Tip toeing and flaunting my heels, I enter my friend’s child’s christening celebration.

I have been having this pair from quite some time. However, it’s been a while since I wore them.

Not that I was confident, but I thought it wouldn’t disappoint me soon. The walk about, excitement meeting old friends and standing at some point of time didn’t really get to my head that something would actually go wrong.

The fun time was over and as I was heading back to the car, my sandals gave away. Yes friends, by now the sandals had become once upon a time (hahaha).

I was like, what luck nothing happened at the celebration. Phew! So kind of my sandals that missed a scandal.

I’m sure many of us face such situations however timings can be vary.

Who doesn’t love heels? Unless we have no option other than wearing flats. We never know when they would actually give away.

What would be your preference of pair to be worn when it comes to celebrations? Many of us in spite of suffering a sore foot after all the dancing still prefer wearing heels.

I learnt this from my friends, whenever you got to attend a place which is going to have lots of dancing, keep your flats handy.

From low to high, from pencil points to platforms. Each pair has their own beauty. However always keeping an extra pair in your car can certainly save you some embarrassment.

I was seriously lucky this time and next time I’d do a good check before I end up getting into any such situations.

I know men reading this article would be like see us men we last a pair for years and don’t complain, ladies can have a full shoe rack to themselves, but then again they are never satisfied.

For this I would say, yes, it’s nice to have a pair, which can get along with every attire.

However for us ladies it gets really boring to repeat the same shoes/sandals, we deserve some shoe-off. After all parties, get together and celebrations don’t happen every day. What would be the beauty of a Jive or a Salsa without heels (imagine).

Anyways, nearing the end of this blog, I would certainly want to know, what kind of step you’ll would have taken, how do you’ll save yourself from such situations, has there been a time where you’ll had to go in for an immediate replacement by buying a new pair, do let me know in the comments.

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