Relationship that we can’t choose

In other words, gifted relationships. As a part of our life, we are blessed with parents and some of us with siblings.

These are the relationships that remain with us till either of them is alive.

Having a parent is like having a roof on top of us. We are protected from everything when our parents are around. No matter how old we grow we always will remain small in the eyes of our parents.

On the other hand, having siblings is like having a friend for life. If we have elder brothers or sisters they are like some bullet proof jacket always taking care of us and if we have younger brother or sister they are like our first child.

It’s beautiful to be blessed with such gifted relationships.

There are many among us that feel these relationships are useless. How many of us complain why we have such parents, the roof that holds us, feels like a jail and when it comes to siblings many of them complain wish we were alone.

Parents, they are the reason for our existence in this world, they hold our hand, teach us to take mini steps, educate us and help us be what we want to be. You point your finger on anything, and your parents literally strangle themselves to give you what you wish.

Siblings, when we are in trouble, they are the ones holding our back. You don’t fear late night cause you know your elder brother or sister is there to protect you. Mom and dad shout at you if you do something wrong and you easily put the blame on your siblings.

These are some of the bitter and sweet moments of every relationship. However, why at a certain point in life, we hate these relationships. Why do we want to get separated from them?

There are parents dying in old age homes. These are not parents of those whose children have died. These are parents of those, whose children thought they were an extra luggage and have easily dumped them in old age homes only to have a luxury filled life abroad.

Siblings are miles apart from each other. Pride, money and ancestral property have been a reason for this division. Brothers and sisters who have shared smiles and tears from birth are not ready to look at each other’s face.

There are children who fraud their parents to sign papers for existing property in order to take possession on them. There after these parents are thrown on streets.

Why these relationships, which are gifted to us and are supposed to be cherished with love, have to suffer so much. Once upon a time a lovely garden of relationships in future turns to a barren land. Parents become a burden and siblings become strangers.

So much hatred for what, why don’t we look at what was the past. Something that was gifted to us from birth, how can we just turn away from them?

Only those that have lost these relationships or do not have them know their value.

Image by pony_up from Pixabay

Treasure these relationship gifts that you have been blessed with before it’s too late.

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