Failure, frustration

The Butterfly who could not fly

Once there was a beautiful butterfly, when it was on its way out of the cocoon and just in time to flutter its wings and take a flight a very bad storm took place. The butterfly couldn’t over take the storm as it hadn’t learnt to fly. To its hard luck the force of the storm threw him to the ground and slit its wing a bit. This injury not only got on the butterfly physically, mentally also it was injured.

The butterfly lost hope in ever being able to experience fluttering its wings and flying. The only thing that helped him get over this pain was watching other butterflies spread their wings and fly.

Finally this injured butterfly decided it was a waste to live this kind of life, it decided to move and give itself a last chance to try and fly. It made its way up a branch walking slowly and finally it reached to the top and was certain enough to jump. Guess what happened when it threw itself down from the branch, his wings fluttered and it was able to fly despite the slit that had injured his wing.

Photo by Evie Shaffer from Pexels

This is the same scene of our life, many a time we face such situations which is way beyond others imaginations. Those who have the right people around them and who have a positive attitude towards the situation they manage to walk pass but what about those who have no one to hear them or guide them. If they are fortunate enough like the butterfly they’ll find a new meaning to their existence however those who are not fortunate what do they do to overcome the situation become alcoholics, chain smokers, drug addicts and the worst end their life.

It’s sad to see them end this way. To all the readers of this blog, my only request is to look at life from a different perspective. It’s easy to say things but “I know.” Change of situation might not happen in a day or two; it might take months or years but there will be a better future again.

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