Old is Gold

How often do we take our elders for granted or consider them to be burdensome. 

Andrea, a young hardworking woman who also was a single mother, lived along with her daughter in the city side.

Andrea was brought up in an orphanage as she lost her parents at a very young age. 

She struggled her way through her daily chores and battled every day to give time to her daughter. To make it a little easy for her, she kept a house maid to help her with all the household chores. 

In the neighbors lived a family who had an aged mother. The people seems to be good on face however there were always screaming and shouting at the aged women.

Andrea used to be hurt whenever she heard noises of such type come from the neighborhood. She always said, wish I was blessed with an aged person in my house who would be around us bestowing their love on us every day. 

Months passed by and the same things happened, until finally one day when Andrea returned from work and she saw the aged lady was thrown out of the house.

She felt sad seeing her state and invited the aged lady into her house. This lady had bruises on her hand and feet from all the harassment she went through at the neighborhood. Andrea did her treatment, got her to normal health soon things started changing in Andrea’s s house as well. 

The once upon a wish started turning into reality, this aged lady was now staying at Andrea’s place and was not less than a mother to her. Andrea felt as if she found her lost mother. 

This lady had now become an inseparable part of Andrea and her daughters life. 

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

Yes friends, how much have we cursed those people who were Andrea’s neighbors. However, have we anytime been a part of the same neighbors in our lives or did we ever think or do, like Andrea did? 

Everyone does face problem at some point of time. When parents grow their children up, they do face a lot of hardships and challenges but this doesn’t stop them from growing up their children. In the same way when parents grow old, it should not stop their children from taking care of them and looking after them. 

Each age has their needs and thus should be our duty to provide to such needs. 

Again not everyone does have time or money to take care of a neglected old age person, however we can always try to be of some help either by guiding them to an old age home or by contacting the NGO or Cops when we hear of such harassment. 

Every person, be it young or old, has the right to live a happy life don’t take your loved ones for granted. 

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