Know Me

Flavia Cutinho


Blessed to a lovely Manglorean couple, I am born in Kuwait. Being the only child I always channeled my interest towards different things, I have been a singer from childhood and also developed interest as a lyricist and a music composer, no it didn’t stop there I also gained interest into art and craft, surprisingly knowing myself I will surely get interested in learning and trying new things at the moment my new venture is blogging.



Spreading a smile each mile is what I believe. As a friend I will try my level best to make you happy and also during your tough moments I’ll be ever ready to lend my ear to your problems and hug you through with a solution.



My blogs will be a mix mania and you’ll know that once you stay tuned to them. I hope to bring a different look to life through my posts and wish this will get a positive perspective to the way we all think about our lives.

Being a newbie I look forward to your support and suggestions.