Know Me

Flavia Cutinho

Blessed to a lovely Manglorean couple, I am born in Kuwait. Being the only child I always channeled my interest towards different things, I have been a singer from childhood and also developed interest as a lyricist and a music composer, no it didn’t stop there I also gained interest into art and craft, surprisingly knowing myself I will surely get interested in learning and trying new things at the moment my new venture is blogging.

Spreading a smile each mile is what I believe. Just the other day a man from the building office knocked at my door and asked me for a small donation towards the local swimming pool, I gave him a glass of water (hope i got you smiling as well now).

That’s Me!

My blogs will be a mix mania and you’ll know that once you stay tuned to them. I hope to bring a different look to life through my posts and wish this will get a positive perspective to the way we all think about our lives.

Being a newbie I look forward to your support and suggestions