Hidden Tears

We all face this moment at some point in our life. It could be through some pain or a rough wave passing in our life.

Then, why do we hide our tears from those around us?

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Does this mean we are weak, or we think people might laugh on us or may be if it’s a male they would be like you are not supposed to cry (I don’t understand this concept.)

Hurt, pain, troubles or worries are the same if you are a male or female. Back to the question. There is nothing wrong in crying from within or by yourself without showing others. This hidden tears just means you are way too strong to face the situation by yourself. But then again those that show their tears or cry out loud are not less strong to overcome problems

I truly believe that the one who created us cannot give us problems which is way beyond our capacity to handle. We either break our problems by fighting through or just move ahead leaving them behind.

I have heard many domestic violence cases where the person suffering, just cries to themselves, they have no one to hear them out and even if they wish to cry and share their problems and shed their tears in front of someone, no one is around to help them. However, this does not mean they are weak; it simply means they are strong to face the situation and are giving you a chance to change. When their tears turn to roar there is no way the person opposite them can escape.

There are times we trouble other to such an extent that they are in a situation where they fight daily with tears to themselves to get out of the situation. Do we not realize that some day their pain will come upon us like a curse, that’s when we will have to be battling with our pain and tears.

Friends let’s think twice before we hurt anyone so that we don’t suffer in future cause of their pain.

I would also advise people that are troubled or disturbed to never ever fall weak with your inner cry. You are very strong.

Hidden tears are a message that we have made up our mind to win over the problem.

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