Etiquette of a wise sales person

The sales industry is massive, it’s about simply trying to promote and sell different things from goods to services.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

However, as sales persons has anyone gone into the depth of the behavior?

I have visited a lot of stores, and I get to meet different sales people. These are on standard levels who sell products they are hired for by the company.

The best part with this kind of sales service is, the customer and sales person are face to face. This gives them an excellent opportunity for convincing customers to buy their products.

It surprises me with some sales people that I meet, somehow I get a feeling they are some kind of fortune teller.

Some sales people they just see you and don’t want to attend to you. Like they have built a weird form of thought that since you look from a middle-class background, you will not buy anything.

Some sales people are like statues. These people are so thick headed if you ask them a question they are not willing to open their mouth and answer. It’s like they are doing a favor on the customers by standing in the department.

Then are those who see your nationality and decide how to behave. Like when these people see that you are a foreigner they come buttering you as if you are the reason for their existence.

Seriously, for all those who are into sales jobs, you’ll must know the basic requirements of being a sales person. Which basically means you have to sell your products with a smile, be soft-spoken to your customers and upon being asked something you must show respect by opening your mouth and answering them.

I faced weird situations where upon asking a sales person I was replied back with a sign language by just nodding the head. Like what should, I understand from that?

For those who in spite of being into sales service for years don’t know how to handle customers, seriously you’ll need to get some other job because no one who comes for shopping is interested to see a frown on your face or a sealed mouth.

So people please understand what your profession requires from you to be. Learn to develop yourself based on what profession you choose.

For all those in the sales, be aware your product sells based on your behavior, so develop and learn the simple etiquette of a sales person.

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