Old is Gold

How often do we take our elders for granted or consider them to be burdensome.  Andrea, a young hardworking woman who also was a single mother, lived along with her daughter in the city side. Andrea was brought up in an orphanage as she lost her parents at a very young age.  She struggled her way through her daily chores and battled every day to give time to her daughter. To make it a little… Continue reading Old is Gold

Failure, frustration

The Butterfly who could not fly

Once there was a beautiful butterfly, when it was on its way out of the cocoon and just in time to flutter its wings and take a flight a very bad storm took place. The butterfly couldn’t over take the storm as it hadn’t learnt to fly. To its hard luck the force of the… Continue reading The Butterfly who could not fly


The attitude of some Cleaners/Helpers

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Today, I had to visit the clinic for the monthly check up of my mother. It is really good in this part of the gulf that gives us a chance for medical checkup through government clinics. Unlike the older days there were no automatic stickers generating machines. There used… Continue reading The attitude of some Cleaners/Helpers



Image by Momentmal from Pixabay A very strong word, works for good or bad. It’s a Sanskrit word that comes from both Hinduism and Buddhism. It basically means the result of one's action. How many of you'll believe in this word or if not the word the thought, that whatever you do good or bad… Continue reading Karma


Etiquette of a wise sales person

The sales industry is massive, it’s about simply trying to promote and sell different things from goods to services. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay However, as sales persons has anyone gone into the depth of the behavior? I have visited a lot of stores, and I get to meet different sales people. These are… Continue reading Etiquette of a wise sales person