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A very strong word, works for good or bad.

It’s a Sanskrit word that comes from both Hinduism and Buddhism. It basically means the result of one’s action.

How many of you’ll believe in this word or if not the word the thought, that whatever you do good or bad comes back to you.

When I was little, we were taught this thing as a part of moral science, whoever does wrong to you will be punished.

Somehow, as I grew up this word came into existence for me and yes it was very much true. A once upon a time moral science lesson became a reality for all the actions that I did or someone else did.

Whenever anyone shared any incident they were suffering from, I would always tell them that if you have not done anything wrong then nothing bad will happen to you and if someone is doing bad to you they will face the consequences.

The reason I’m sure about this saying is that I have seen people go through this.

Some Karma’s are instant, for example if you hit someone immediately you get hurt and some are the slow ones, where the person who did something wrong to you will suffer but in future.

However, I realized that it never knocked a person’s head whenever something bad happens to them. They never think or question themselves asking, why are they in this kind of a situation or a misery. Is it may be because they had done something bad to someone in the past or messed up a person’s life with their actions

A small example for this can be of those persons at top position; they make their subordinates go through a terrible time, not understanding their situation, not giving a raise in pay and even troubling them with work pressure. The person who actually does all this suffers through terrible conditions like open heart surgeries or some kind of condition that leave the partially disabled or even they can be in situations where they do not have any extra years remaining to live. Yet they don’t stop their evil action, they never realize the reason they are going through this condition could be because of their actions. May be its high time, they bring in a change in future with the remaining life they have by doing good.

I wish there was some brain auto alarm which tells the person, that the reason you are suffering today is because of something you did in the past. Like may be a text message signal sent by the brain “You did this to the person, that is the reason today you are going through such a situation.” At least this would make the person realize to be apologetic for their actions or to never repeat something like they did to anyone in future.

There are people or families that fight over money or property from inheritance, has anyone ever thought how long will that money or property last them. One sickness and all that you got through your inheritance will be lost.

Be it work place, friends or family a hurt is paid by a hurt and happiness is paid by happiness.

So in future when you decide to do something good or bad to someone be assured you will get it in return.

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