Enjoy, life

Life – A New Chapter

Wish life was easy as a book, just open the chapter you like and start reading or living it.

Certainly it isn’t as easy as we think, life’s not a book and we have no idea what is written on the next page of our life.
Our life can be put up into a book I mean like an autobiography however the other way round isn’t really possible.

Nevertheless, we can make our life more interesting.

Love lots
But whom!
Yourself, the only person who can make you feel better. Who at the same time is trustworthy and will never disappoint you.

Let Go.
Not easy perhaps the best thing. Don’t hold on to something knowing it wouldn’t do you any good. Many a time we build a bubble around us holding on to things we can’t let go, we forget the bubble will eventually burst one day and we’ll have to face reality. Before that let go.

Forget and Delete.
Oh! Not your locker codes.
Things or people that hurt you, a simple concept of life, forget what happened to you and to make you feel better delete those who hurt you, like you would delete unwanted contacts from your phone-book.

Do things that make you happy.
Exactly, not something which makes others happy.

Don’t be nosy.
Avoid acting like a Pinocchio.
Don’t butt into other’s life. You have enough; share of your problems, avoid taking the additional headache of others life.

A big or small dream never know when you will land into what you dream of. Even if you don’t, at least you’ll be satisfied that you dreamt.

Smile and Live
Trust me those who love you can’t resist your smile and live along with you and those who hate you can’t stand your smile and are forced to let you live.

A new chapter isn’t easy as a book; sure enough it will be more interesting than one.

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