Parents – Inside/Outside

This never goes unnoticed, I’m sure many a time you all must have come across something like this.

Parents are those that most of us are way to comfortable with, well that’s good however at times we can just go way over the level of being comfortable.

By saying that I simply mean that we tend to carry the same behavior with parents no matter where we are.

To be specific you will notice these among teens to young adult and of course youth. Oh yes, completely matured adults do sometimes come to join the track.

Usually, when your at home and your parents correct you on something if its beyond your dignity you will simply argue back or slam the door to put an end to the conversation. (Duh! What do you expect?) This is the question I get but let’s look at the same scenario outside the house, may be at a mall or at a get together. Would you think it would be right to yell back or show anger in a crowded place? It is understandable that things can get out of control but then being at the younger side does give us one benefit is we have the strength to control ourselves.

Its not necessary that we carry the same scene from home to outdoors. A very common saying, not all 5 fingers are the same which means what you like or what you feel might be correct, it may not necessarily be felt by your folks.

It’s sad to see the face of parents that get insulted or yelled at by their kids when they are at some gathering or at a public place. Worst is when such things happen in front of your friends.

I agree sometimes things can get really hot, however, its up to us to cool stuff down.

Switch places or let’s say if your parents insult you in front of your friends, yes exactly thats the feeling we don’t like.

Im sure you all must be agreeing to what I have tried to point at over here. Sometime its hard but then it isn’t impossible.

I don’t say being silent will solve the issue but it definitely will gain you some advantage.

Do leave in your comments. 

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