ParentsĀ – Inside/Outside

This never goes unnoticed, I'm sure many a time you all must have come across something like this. Parents are those that most of us are way to comfortable with, well that's good however at times we can just go way over the level of being comfortable. By saying that I simply mean that we tend to carry the same behavior with parents no matter where we are. To be specific you will notice these among teens to young adult and of course youth. Oh yes, completely matured adults do sometimes come… Continue reading ParentsĀ – Inside/Outside


Relationship that we can’t choose

In other words, gifted relationships. As a part of our life, we are blessed with parents and some of us with siblings. These are the relationships that remain with us till either of them is alive. Having a parent is like having a roof on top of us. We are protected from everything when our… Continue reading Relationship that we can’t choose


Mark sheets don’t teach behavior

So right actually, do we know that from the time we enter school we are in some kind of race, just study and get marks thereafter hunt for a job. Many of us don't even remember what marks we got in school. As concerned for our board exams and higher studies admission, we do need… Continue reading Mark sheets don’t teach behavior