Job Categorization

On this topic all adults have done PHD (Lol). Like we all know exactly how to classify occupations. 

Generally speaking, on what basis do we actually categorize these jobs? 

All professions are paid, except for one, that’s being a mother/house-wife. Of course professions have certain standards, depending on what you are doing is, ethical.

The term good job stands alone for certain categories like architects, doctors, engineers and many such well known positions however bad jobs are termed for road cleaners, the one who clears the street garbage’s or even those who clean sewage’s. 

Just because these top drawer professions are paid well, that’s the reason they get into the level of good jobs.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

So those who get paid less are the ones doing a bad job. I deny this category based professions. We humans are so heartless that on the basis of their nature of work we discriminate them.

To this extent, that our children call these people cleaner uncles (kachrawala uncle in Hindi). 

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Just for the reason, that your children must call them aunt or uncle, you’ll teach them to add their profession as titles. 

If it’s necessary, ask such people their names and teach your children to call them by name or add uncle or aunt after their name.

These people, who clean the garbage or streets or sewage’s, are same like us humans. Only because we are on some high designation, it doesn’t make us look different than them (we don’t have 10 hand and 20 eyes). 

Not everyone gets to choose their profession. Some may have the money or brains to study more or better. Some may not have them, which is why they get forced to take up such occupations. 

Why? do we forget that because the garbage and streets are cleaned up every day, our society and surrounding is clean. 

Getting into the sewage is no joke. How many sewage workers have risked their lives and what for? 

Only for our children’s health and ours. By getting into the sewage they avoid water, from clogging and causing some other diseases.

Because they do the so-called human categorized bad job that is why we are able to sit under a roof and do a good job. So next time when we come across such people let’s treat them with some respect.

No profession is good or bad, when it’s done with a clean conscience. Everyone is here to earn for a living. Then as we take respect, let us learn to return respect in turn.

Your one step towards a change is watched by many people. So let’s change and help others change to a better future. 

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