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Knowledge worth sharing or NOT

It is said, knowledge is power. Which basically means even a little bit of knowledge can do wonders. Is it worth sharing knowledge, does it make sense teaching others or training others. Being into a lot of things I always considered teaching anyone who requested me for help. I never thought that by teaching or… Continue reading Knowledge worth sharing or NOT


Job Categorization

On this topic all adults have done PHD (Lol). Like we all know exactly how to classify occupations.  Generally speaking, on what basis do we actually categorize these jobs?  All professions are paid, except for one, that's being a mother/house-wife. Of course professions have certain standards, depending on what you are doing is, ethical. The… Continue reading Job Categorization


Mark sheets don’t teach behavior

So right actually, do we know that from the time we enter school we are in some kind of race, just study and get marks thereafter hunt for a job. Many of us don't even remember what marks we got in school. As concerned for our board exams and higher studies admission, we do need… Continue reading Mark sheets don’t teach behavior


Failure creates Masterpieces

Everyone cannot score a perfect number in life, some are too smart the others are average and remaining few are failures. Each one has their own specialization, if one is good in art and designing, the other is good at business. What is the true meaning of failure? Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay A person… Continue reading Failure creates Masterpieces