The word itself makes us salute the persons who fought for our freedom and gave us independence. Our heart shines with pride celebrating each year our independence day. 

However, has our mind accepted this independence in us?

Have we really understood the meaning of independence? 

How many times have we failed to adapt to this word?

For me independence is when a girl child is accepted by the family and the society without being aborted in the womb.

It also stands for the freedom of a girl to walk alone on streets at any hour of the day without having the fear of a man kidnapping or raping her. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It is also for a child to complete his or her education without having to start working at a small age in order to take care of the family. 

Acceptance of every religion without discrimination of gender is also a kind of independence. 

Equal opportunities when concerned with career and even a chance to get promoted, again not keeping gender as a barrier.

Not forcing our values on our children by asking them to choosing a career that we like or by getting them arranged in marriage, just to keep our fake pride or even by forcing educated women to be house wife with the fear that they would earn more than their husband. 

Independence is also giving respect to the transgender in the same way that we would give to any other person.

Most important independence nowadays is keeping our phones aside and giving time to our families.

Those that worked towards the independence of our country knew the exact meaning of the word. They didn’t think about what other said or what would be the result, the fought not only for themselves but for every person that belonged to their country. If they were to keep their pride and fear stuck in their heart, today we would not be breathing this air of independence.

We all know the meaning of independence very well, however we hesitate to let go of our wrong beliefs and the norms of the society. 

The day we accept equality, the chance for survival of a girl child, the right to education, equal opportunities and many such things, is the day we become a part of this independence. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Respect the fight that took place for our countries freedom. Make a change in the way you think. Be an example of independence from now on wards. 

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