Sandals that missed a Scandal

(I'm struck with a dropped jaw when I end up with such headers) Image by Pavel Sternberg from Pixabay Tip toeing and flaunting my heels, I enter my friend’s child's christening celebration. I have been having this pair from quite some time. However, it's been a while since I wore them. Not that I was… Continue reading Sandals that missed a Scandal



The word itself makes us salute the persons who fought for our freedom and gave us independence. Our heart shines with pride celebrating each year our independence day.  However, has our mind accepted this independence in us? Have we really understood the meaning of independence?  How many times have we failed to adapt to this… Continue reading Independence


Adoption – A Blessing to a rejected Life

Many of us respect the word Adoption but how many of us really accept the act of adoption or an adopted child.  I have high regard for people who adopt children. Adoption does not only mean bringing a child home, paying for a child's upbringing in orphanages is also an act of adoption. There are… Continue reading Adoption – A Blessing to a rejected Life