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Knowledge worth sharing or NOT

It is said, knowledge is power. Which basically means even a little bit of knowledge can do wonders. Is it worth sharing knowledge, does it make sense teaching others or training others. Being into a lot of things I always considered teaching anyone who requested me for help. I never thought that by teaching or… Continue reading Knowledge worth sharing or NOT


Self-healing power

The strongest medicine that no doctor can create is called self-healing. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels This is a kind of healing  that can bring you out stronger than before. It boosts your confidence, improves your condition and helps you jump over the current situation. How does Self-healing actually work? The very first step… Continue reading Self-healing power

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An idle mind gives wings to your hobbies and new ideas

Hobbies, new ideas it’s an interesting topic right. Probably in school we use to do things that were of our interest and then during the later stages of our life we completely gave up on all our hobbies. Today’s topic is to not give up on your hobbies and new ideas; however did you’ll realize,… Continue reading An idle mind gives wings to your hobbies and new ideas