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Child comparison is slow poison

In a building, lived a couple, Simon and Andrea. They both were very hard-working and equally talented. They had a daughter named Janet who was very clever and beautiful. In that same building lived another couple Aadil and Rehana, who also had a lovely daughter named Asma, she was average in studies however she was… Continue reading Child comparison is slow poison


Mark sheets don’t teach behavior

So right actually, do we know that from the time we enter school we are in some kind of race, just study and get marks thereafter hunt for a job. Many of us don't even remember what marks we got in school. As concerned for our board exams and higher studies admission, we do need… Continue reading Mark sheets don’t teach behavior


The High-Profile Mobile (conclusion)

This post is in continuation to the previous, for those that have not yet enjoyed laughing on the story; I am attaching the link below. From the story what are the things we can connect with our lives. I guess almost everything. We might not be the same as the owner from the story;… Continue reading The High-Profile Mobile (conclusion)


The High-Profile Mobile (story)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful mobile launched as a New Year edition. It was all dashing and dazzling. It had a cool head, a smooth screen with super smart touch technology, an internal storage of 64 GB and a textured plastic back cover. This mobile was all set waiting to get into… Continue reading The High-Profile Mobile (story)


Adoption – A Blessing to a rejected Life

Many of us respect the word Adoption but how many of us really accept the act of adoption or an adopted child.  I have high regard for people who adopt children. Adoption does not only mean bringing a child home, paying for a child's upbringing in orphanages is also an act of adoption. There are… Continue reading Adoption – A Blessing to a rejected Life