Mark sheets don’t teach behavior

So right actually, do we know that from the time we enter school we are in some kind of race, just study and get marks thereafter hunt for a job.

Many of us don’t even remember what marks we got in school. As concerned for our board exams and higher studies admission, we do need good marks or distinctions. If lucky enough we manage to get into the best colleges and study further and then get a good job. Our knowledge building does not end there even once we start working, we are still in the process of learning about how to get the job done.

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

In all this process does our behavior change?

Yes, it does some grow out to be very soft spoken sober, some are very arrogant and the remaining are just a ball of lava. 

Parents, day and night force their children to study, study and only study (of course for their good) but do parents realize, they are just forcing their children into getting good numbers, none of them are looking at their behaviors. 

The character of your child is not based on the scores they make in their exams; it is based on your upbringing. 

You form an example for your child, the way you talk to them, what you teach them and how you advise them.

By only putting them in a race to a better future doesn’t guarantee their attitude. In life’s journey if they become successful and do not have a good attitude, it will not gain them any value.

Once our children are grown ups and start back answering us, as parents what we do. Blame the society, friends and surrounding, the education system and in the end our spouse (all are true), however in this blame game do we anytime get the guilt that we are the real causes for this kind of attitude in our children (never). Blaming the people around you means that you were never around when your child was growing up. 

Making your children run behind good marks isn’t enough; teach them to be better people in this world. Teach them the importance of being soft spoken and kind hearted. Teach them to respect their parents & the elders that they meet. Teach them by giving respect you gain respect, being gentle or polite to someone doesn’t make them look small.

In doing so you might not only create a better person but give them a good future as well. 

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