The attitude of some Cleaners/Helpers

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Today, I had to visit the clinic for the monthly check up of my mother. It is really good in this part of the gulf that gives us a chance for medical checkup through government clinics. Unlike the older days there were no automatic stickers generating machines. There used… Continue reading The attitude of some Cleaners/Helpers


Relationship that we can’t choose

In other words, gifted relationships. As a part of our life, we are blessed with parents and some of us with siblings. These are the relationships that remain with us till either of them is alive. Having a parent is like having a roof on top of us. We are protected from everything when our… Continue reading Relationship that we can’t choose

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A wiggly tongue ruins your life

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju fotografie from Pixabay Some year back in a very well known society lived a couple named Pradeep and Sanchi, who had 2 lovely daughters, Pihu and Shruti. This couple was very much involved with all the society's social activities. Sanchi being a house wife was attending the monthly ladies kitty… Continue reading A wiggly tongue ruins your life

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Child comparison is slow poison

In a building, lived a couple, Simon and Andrea. They both were very hard-working and equally talented. They had a daughter named Janet who was very clever and beautiful. In that same building lived another couple Aadil and Rehana, who also had a lovely daughter named Asma, she was average in studies however she was… Continue reading Child comparison is slow poison


Talking to THINGS

This is hilarious, however my question to all of you'll be this, have you'll anytime had an incident where you are speaking to a non-living thing. It’s weird and funny at the same time. How we actually speak to things. Let me bring forth some interesting instances. When milk is boiling and it’s just going… Continue reading Talking to THINGS