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The Butterfly who could not fly

Once there was a beautiful butterfly, when it was on its way out of the cocoon and just in time to flutter its wings and take a flight a very bad storm took place. The butterfly couldn’t over take the storm as it hadn’t learnt to fly. To its hard luck the force of the… Continue reading The Butterfly who could not fly

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A wiggly tongue ruins your life

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju fotografie from Pixabay Some year back in a very well known society lived a couple named Pradeep and Sanchi, who had 2 lovely daughters, Pihu and Shruti. This couple was very much involved with all the society's social activities. Sanchi being a house wife was attending the monthly ladies kitty… Continue reading A wiggly tongue ruins your life


Visit our place and glamour your face (story)

It was the weekend and Ruth decided to go for grocery shopping. As her husband was busy watching the match she thought she'll enjoy her time alone. Upon reaching the supermarket to take the shopping trolley, a passer happened to hand over a leaflet to her. Not really bother she dumped her handbag and the… Continue reading Visit our place and glamour your face (story)


The High-Profile Mobile (conclusion)

This post is in continuation to the previous, for those that have not yet enjoyed laughing on the story; I am attaching the link below. From the story what are the things we can connect with our lives. I guess almost everything. We might not be the same as the owner from the story;… Continue reading The High-Profile Mobile (conclusion)